Bright Aisle Mobile App

Having Trouble With the App?

General Issues

Network problems

This is the leading cause of problems with loading the app. The app needs a strong, stable internet connection in order to load content. Interruptions in service will prevent the app from completing all the necessary validation and content retrieval network calls to our web server. Slower data, like 3G or weak WiFi, can prevent these network calls from completing before timing out, halting the loading of the app. In some rural areas, cellphone networks are maintained by regional carriers, and licensed for use by larger carriers (and vice-versa for many prepaid carriers). These networks don't always have the same 4G speeds, as prepaid phones speeds are often throttled by the larger carrier, giving preference to their regular customers during peak network traffic, or a regional carrier might not have built up the same level of data speeds found in the cell towers owned by the larger national companies. Verify that you have a 4G connection, if on cellular data, or more to an area with a stronger WiFi signal.

Corrupt files / apps

Apps, like any computer program, are not impervious to files getting corrupted, thereby affecting the performance of the app or causing it not to load. Data can be corrupted when content and updates aren't able to complete downloading before network issues interrupt the downloading or the file system runs out of storage to receive the download. Smartphones are also not imperious to computer viruses, which can affect a single app or the entire phone. The first step with app problems should be to uninstall and reinstall the app entirely.

Operating System compatibility

Please make sure your mobile device is running a supported operating system. As of version 4.4.0 of our app, the minimum supported operating systems are iOS 13 and Android 5. If you are using earlier versions of these operating systems, our app may experience performance issues or may not function at all.

Memory issues

Like on a computer when you have too many programs open, a phone can start to run sluggish is you have too many apps open and running in the background. A lack of memory can cause an app to run more slowly, or perform network operations more slowly, as it fights with other apps for memory resources. If there isn't enough available prior to launching an app, then the entire phone system can start freezing or the app won't even open when launched. In this case, close as many of the open apps as you can, or restart your phone entirely. Like with a computer, restarting can fix many of the performance issues related to memory, as it clears it during restart.

Faulty hardware

If an internal phone computer that is used by the app is faulty, then this can cause the app to stop functioning when trying to initialize that component. Examples of internal components used in apps are bluetooth low-energy connections, NFC, camera, and the GPS. If any of these are not functioning in the way the app expects, then the app can freeze. (For example, you might be able to connect to a bluetooth headset, but the bluetooth protocol that is used to detect proximity beacons throughout the store might not be functioning properly, but might go widely unnoticed in day-to-day phone usage.)